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Our Aliso Viejo laser dentistry professionals understand gum disease treatments and prevention. Over 85% of adults in the USA have gum disease. The good news is that a variety of treatment options are available for periodontal disease with a high success rate. All these gum disease treatments focus on killing the germs and preventing the development of infection in the future.


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Treatments for Gum Disease

When you have periodontal disease, you don’t have to lose your teeth. Here is the recommended course of treatment.

Deep Cleaning, Scaling & Root Planning

The first treatment for early-stage periodontal disease is deep cleaning. A qualified health professional performs this quick treatment at our office.

For this procedure, Dr. Kathey Soleimani will divide your mouth into four sections and numb your gums. She will then clean each part individually and clean root surfaces under the gums. Using scaling & root planning, your dentist will stop the infection from developing further. Finally, your dentist will close the pockets.

Gum Surgery

Sometimes, germs can re-enter the space between gums and tooth and attack the bone again. This could lead to gum infection and your dentist may suggest an alternative procedure such as gum surgery.

Types of Gum Surgery

When early treatments for periodontal disease fail, your dentist may suggest gum surgery. Gum surgery is of two types i.e. traditional and laser surgery.

Traditional Gum Surgery

Traditional gum surgery requires the use of a scalpel and involves cutting. Your dentist will cut and push back the gums so that she can access the tooth root. Then your dentist will perform the following procedures.

  • Root cleaning
  • Bone shaping
  • Stitching the gums
  • Cutting gums to fix the pocket

Risks associated with Traditional Surgery

For traditional surgery, dental surgeon will inform the patient about possible risk and post-operative instructions. Possible risks associated with traditional oral surgery are listed below.

  • Your ‘hopeless’ teeth may have to be removed
  • You may suffer from pain and inflammation following the surgical procedure
  • Some patients may develop infections
  • Tooth root surface may become exposed as a result of the surgery
  • Cavities may develop on the roots of the exposed teeth

Laser Gum Surgery in Aliso Viejo, Laguna Hills & Laguna Woods

Periodontal laser surgery is less invasive than traditional surgery. There is less pain and surprisingly short recovery time.

We use a dental laser to access the affected gums. An orthodontist will remove the inflamed gum tissue to clear the root from germs. During this root scaling procedure, the plaque built up and calculus on the root of the tooth will be removed and any rough spots will be smoothened out to avoid plaque built up in the future. Healthy gum tissue will regenerate and fill up this gap between your gums and teeth once the site has fully healed.

The benefits of our Aliso Viejo Laguna Hills and Laguna Woods Laser Gum Surgery

There are various benefits of laser gum surgery that make it a preferred choice over traditional surgery.

  • Laser gum surgery doesn’t require the general anesthetic
  • It involves less pain and bleeding
  • Laser gum treatment is less invasive compared to traditional therapy
  • Improved and precise surgery with high accuracy
  • Short healing and quick recovery

With all these benefits, your dentist will recommend laser gum surgery if you are the right candidate for the procedure.

How it works

Periodontal disease is usually caused by dark-colored bacteria called gingivitis. These bacteria infect root of the tooth and surrounding gums. Laser treatment helps to target and kill these bacteria.

The laser used in dental therapy is a pulsed Nd: YAG laser. It’s suitable for killing germs over a large area with high accuracy and efficiency. The laser doesn’t harm healthy tissues as it only targets infected tissue and harmful germs that highlight under the laser light.

Here are the steps involved in dental laser therapy.

  • Your dentist will insert a thin fiber in the infected area to kill germs
  • Once germs are killed, your dentist will remove the infected tissue
  • Using an ultrasonic root cleaner, your dentist will remove the calculus
  • The laser is used to warm the infected area to allow a seal to form between the root of the tooth and soft gum tissue to prevent infections in the future
  • The clean pocket will heal over time and new healthy tissue will regenerate

Laser therapy has a success rate of over 99% when it comes to killing disease-producing bacteria.

Moderate to severe periodontal disease is easy to treat using laser therapy. It has become a common replacement for traditional surgery due to being less invasive and less painful. Call us today to learn more about this treatment and the use of laser in dental surgery in Aliso Viejo, California.