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An Aliso Viejo Laser Dentistry Overview

Understanding what Aliso Viejo laser dentistry can do for you is important to your overall dental health. This is considered a minimally invasive operation for people who need to have a variety of procedures ranging from gum surgery to simple cavity treatments.

One of the first steps is getting in touch with one of our qualified dentists and having a discussion. They will be able to walk you through the highlights of this procedure and answer any of your questions.

Small Amounts

They’ll be able to tell you all about how we use lasers to cut small amounts of tissue. These are generally nothing more than focused light beams and dental professionals use them for a variety of different procedures.

For example, Aliso Viejo laser dentistry can be used to move tissue that’s overgrown inside the mouth or even change the shape of the gums. This innovation has even been used to whiten teeth.

There are some excellent advantages to using laser surgery and these include:

  • The fact that many patients don’t require sutures. Most traditional dental methods usually require stitches of some kind. There’s an ease and convenience to laser surgery and an accelerated healing process as an added bonus.
  • Anesthesia isn’t generally required. Laser surgery is a painless alternative to many of the more traditional dental practices that involve drills.
  • Overall, this method means there’s less surgical damage to a patient’s gums.
  • There is less inconvenience after the surgery as well because the process is less invasive and there is usually not as much blood.


Coming in for one of these treatments is quite often not much different from a more traditional dental appointment. Patients who feel a little anxious can receive a mild sedative to help smooth the process over.

One of the big differences with laser surgery is the fact there’s no vibrations like you might feel with a more conventional drill.


Your postoperative experience after laser surgery will be a lot easier. You’ll find there’s a lot less bleeding when you get home. However, there’s still a few postoperative maintenance routines you’ll need to follow to keep the surgical area clean.

Generally, there’s a few different types of laser treatment that you can choose from. A hard tissue laser is used most often for any work that needs to be done to your teeth.

The other variety call the soft tissue laser is best suited for work with your gums. Innovation is the cornerstone of these Aliso Viejo laser dentistry procedures.