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Some Proactive Tips from Our Emergency Dentistry Specialists

Of course, our emergency dentistry Aliso Viejo, Laguna Hills & Laguna Woods team sees a lot of chipped and fractured teeth. We even see quite a few that have been knocked out completely. We like to help the folks who have suffered these injuries get their smiles back. However, we also like to be proactive and help them with some other dental tips that can head off trouble.

For example, if you play sports you’ll need to have the protective dental equipment necessary. Mouth guards are just as important as the right shoes and gloves whether you’re on the baseball diamond or soccer pitch. We suggest that you get a custom fit and not just by your mouthguard off the shelf.

The customized version helps to keep your teeth better protected. Of course, our emergency dentistry Aliso Viejo team also has some other tips so you can maintain your oral health when you’re sporting event is over. For example, we like to tell our patients to look after their teeth the same way they look after their bodies. Data is drawn a clear line between your dental health and your well-being.

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Some research even says there is a direct relationship between some kinds of dental problems and other diseases like certain pneumonias and diabetes. Although the evidence isn’t completely conclusive, some research even says there could be a cause-and-effect relationship to strokes and heart disease and even premature babies.

Regardless, we like to tell everyone that the more they look after their dental health, the less chance they will have developing any other kind of medical issue.

Another Tip from Our Emergency Dentistry Aliso Viejo Team

One of the reasons our patients come to see us to look after their smiles is the fact that we follow all of the latest dental trends. For example, we can help you pick the right kind of oral care product. Our emergency dental experts are also experienced at helping you choose everything from toothbrushes to the best kind of mouthwashes.

One of the trends that we noticed is what’s called dental erosion. This happens when the solid part of any tooth starts to wear away because it’s come in contact with acid. Dental erosion can happen for a variety of reasons including certain kinds of eating disorders and problems with stomach acid. However, it’s much more common among people who enjoy a lot of soft drinks and sports drinks.

We have the answers and treatments you need at our Emergency Dentistry Aliso Viejo facility.