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Why You Should Consider Dental Implants

Missing a tooth? There are some great reasons why you need to consider Aliso Viejo Dental Implants. At the top of the list is the simple fact that your ability to speak and even chew can be affected.

Here’s a few other reasons why you should consider this cosmetic dentistry procedure.

They Act Like the Real Thing

One of the big advantages to getting dental implants is the fact they are the closest thing to your original teeth. Our Aliso Viejo Dental Implants are specially fitted so they restore your ability to chew all of the foods you love.

After you’ve undergone our process, you won’t be able to tell the dental implant from the natural tooth. One of the reasons these are so popular is they look natural and replace everything — the tooth itself, roots and even a missing crown.

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They Last

It’s not uncommon for dental implants to last for the rest of your life. Consider the fact that the dental bridge lasts for a decade and you’ll see why these are so popular Aliso Viejo Dental Implants are anchored by a titanium post that integrates into your jawbone. We use only the most modern technology to make sure you get a smile that lasts a lifetime when we are done.

They Slow Bone Loss

As people age, it’s quite often inevitable that they lose bone mass. That can quite often be in the jaw as well as other parts of the body. This situation can get worse when you lose teeth to because there’s nothing to keep your jaw bone from deteriorating in that spot.

Our Aliso Viejo Dental Implants can help slow the process down by putting something in the empty spot that anchors the bone. It’s important to keep in mind here that even dentures can create bone loss. When they rub against your gums and the jawbone underneath, this situation can get worse.

Our mission is to provide you with information and the finest dental techniques. We are here for every stage of your dental health including those times when you need this type of cosmetic option. We always like to tell our patients that dental implants go a long way in keeping the teeth around them stable.

Making sure that you get quality dental care is our number one priority. Of course, that includes of course the finest in Aliso Viejo Dental Implants.