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Our Emergency Dentist Tips for Calming Children Down

Everyone wants to make sure their children are active. However, you might need our emergency dentist Aliso Viejo services if they are a little too rowdy and damage a tooth. They might even be a little afraid to come in and see us after a sports injury.

Here’s a few good tips on how you can calm them down.

Make Us Familiar

Funny enough, but one of the things that we like to suggest to parents has nothing to do with our emergency dentist Aliso Viejo facility. In fact, we think one of the best ways to prevent any kind of dental anxiety is to bring your children in to see us early.

We like to tell everyone that dental visits should start somewhere between six months and one year. That gives your child a good head start. When they start to come and see us before an emergency arises, they’ll even be able to understand some simple dental issues.

That makes the emergency dentist Aliso Viejo visits easier later on.

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Tell Them What to Expect

Mom and Dad need to be upfront about what their children can expect from an emergency dentist Aliso Viejo visit. Even the appearance of our dental office and the thought of meeting a stranger can be daunting to some smaller kids.

There’s no need to offer detailed and complicated explanations here. When you tell them our professionals are here to help and make them feel better, you’ll put their little minds at ease and make them feel comfortable.

It doesn’t matter whether you or a member of your family has an accident at work or at home. We have a team of outstanding qualified dental professionals ready to help. Not only that, we only use the latest and most creative dental tools in our emergency clinic.

Play Dentist

A lot of children’s anxiety about coming into our emergency clinic stems from not knowing what to expect. We’ve got a great suggestion on how parents can overcome this obstacle. Putting together a pretend dental visit will give them some background knowledge on what to look forward to during the real thing. It’s even a great idea to have your children practice dental care on a stuffed animal or favorite doll. The idea in preparing them for a visit to our emergency dentist Aliso Viejo clinic starts at home.