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Our Kids Dentist Talks Sweets

The holidays are here and our kids dentist Aliso Viejo team is fielding a lot of questions from concerned parents about sugar and cavities. There’s also birthdays and a number of different school activities that your children are constantly being invited to. Most of these events involve sugar laden treats that can cause cavities down the road.

We’ve put together a few boxes for you to check off to make sure you avoid or at least regulate their intake of sugar.

Making Boundaries

One of the first things that we like to tell parents is they should be setting clear boundaries for the amount of sugar their children eat. Our kids dentist Aliso Viejo professionals tell parents it would be good idea to set an allowance. That way your children will be able to enjoy treats here and there but they’ll always know there’s limits.

Make sure that your son or daughter understands that they should be drinking lots of water while they’re eating sugary foods. This is the best way to wash any sugar off the enamel of their teeth.

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Kids Dentist Advice on Nutrition

One of the other areas we like to give advice on is is nutrition. It might seem a little sneaky but we often suggest that your child fill up on a good nutritious meal before they go to the party where there will be sugary snacks. That way, you’re laying the groundwork for a balanced diet and they have less room to eat candy and cake!

Whatever approach you decide on, it’s important to keep any instructions as simple as possible. That’s the best way for your child to adopt any new rules. If you make things a little too complicated for their young minds, the chances are they’ll ignore what you say.

This is also an excellent way to teach your child about good oral hygiene. Taking the time to teach them the proper way to brush at home and making it fun is a great idea. You might even be able to find a travel sized toothbrush they can take with them in their lunchbox.

Of course, mom and dad need to provide a good example. Not only will your children see the benefits when you practice good oral hygiene, you’ll have a beautiful smile as well. Why not come in and see our kids dentist at  Aliso Viejo, Laguna Hills and Laguna Woods experts today?