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Great Questions to Ask Your Aliso Viejo Dental Hygienist

Our Aliso Viejo dental hygienist team is always welcoming and friendly. We are always available to chat about any questions you have. Our staff including our hygienists have been carefully vetted and properly trained. What’s more, they are always eager to answer any questions you might have during your next visit.

What do we Recommend?

One of the other things we are happy to do is supply a variety of good suggestions about which products we think are best. We have taken the time to make sure the toothbrushes and dental floss we recommend have been properly approved by the American Dental Association.

The Aliso Viejo dental hygienist team we have on staff is committed to excellence. They are always happy to tell you about the best ways to shop for the right dental products and which ones you should be using.

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What’s the Latest?

For example, our patients are always our first priority. That’s why everyone on staff stays up on all the latest and best procedures. We like to pass that information along so please don’t forget to ask us about the different treatments that can make your teeth and gums healthy and strong.

As part of their never-ending commitment to our patients, our Aliso Viejo dental hygienist team is always improving their knowledge base. They will be more than happy to talk to you about all of the latest studies and trends in the dental field.

While you are visiting us, don’t forget to look for the informative brochures and pamphlets in our waiting room too. They have been placed there by our eager administrative staff because everyone wants to do their part.

What Procedures Are Best?

Our dental hygienists are trained to look for problems while they are cleaning your teeth. For example, they can find chipped or damaged enamel and tell you how to avoid this particular issue and many others.

It’s good to know that these professionals are also trying to look for the early signs of gum disease. They are also able to help you by supplying some outstanding brushing and flossing tips that can help you proactively avoid gingivitis and peritonitis.

When you come into see us, you’ll get the benefit of a team of professionals. That includes the prize of our offices, our Aliso Viejo dental hygienist team.