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Emergency Dentistry Aliso Viejo Tips for Seniors

Our emergency Dentistry Aliso Viejo experts are always answering questions from seniors. While it’s true there are several oral healthcare issues that come with getting older, there’s no need for you to just accept them.

It doesn’t matter whether you wear dentures or have all of your original teeth, regular dental visits and checkups are a great way to avoid some of the following age-related problems.

Dry Mouth

This is an issue that comes about when there’s not enough saliva produced. As you get older, you often find yourself taking medications that bring this condition along. If you want to avoid several complications like gum disease and tooth decay that come along with dry mouth, our emergency dentistry Aliso Viejo experts can suggest some oral rinses and other alternatives that will stimulate the production of saliva.

Remember, we are not just here to treat chipped or missing teeth. We are extremely proud of the fact that we are proactive and can help you with a variety of issues before they become big problems.

Emergency Dentist Laguna Hills CA Tips for Seniors

Oral Cancer

Anyone can get oral cancer. However, your chances go up of contracting this disease as you age. To make matters more complicated, oral cancer often shows up in parts of your mouth that only a dentist can find with the proper kind of screening.

It’s important to keep in mind that oral cancer screenings are quite often part of routine checkups. That’s another good reason that you should call and see us on a regular basis and not just when there’s been a dental emergency.

Other Health Conditions and Emergency Dentistry Aliso Viejo Services

Over the years that we’ve treated elderly patients, we sometimes find that they can’t keep up the good oral hygiene routine because of other conditions like arthritis. Not carrying out a proper oral hygiene routine can result in a variety of different issues including gum disease and cavities.

If you find that your health is preventing you from brushing and flossing like you should, come and see us. We have a few different suggestions. These include fitting you with the right kind of electric toothbrush or a series of professional cleanings that will do the job.

It’s always good to remember that we are here for any dental emergencies that you have as well. As people get older their footing isn’t as secure as it once was. If you find yourself slipping and falling and chipping a tooth, we can help with our thorough and comprehensive emergency Dentistry Aliso Viejo services.