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Some Foods to Avoid from Your Aliso Viejo Family Dentist

Here at our Aliso Viejo family dentist office, we’ve been keeping your teeth white and your smile bright for some time. That means were always ready to give you some solid advice including what kind of foods that you should avoid.

Of course, everyone knows about tea and coffee as well as red wine. However, we dug a little deeper and found some other foods that can ruin your beautiful smile. Here’s a list of some of the sneakiest offenders we found.

Dark Sauces

Balsamic vinegar and soy sauce are two of the bigger culprits here. A lot of these dark sauces will stain your pearly whites over time if they are used as an enhancement to your meal. Even if you’re not pouring any of these offenders over your entrées, they can be danger to the enamel on your teeth.

Make sure to check the dips you use to see if there’s any of these culprits inside. Keep in mind that even if you had cosmetic surgery done and dental implants, dark sauces like these can still stain your new teeth over time.

Your Laguna Hills CA Family Dentist

We are always looking to make sure you are comfortable and that all of our processes are explained clearly and directly to you. Transparency is always the key to along lasting relationship. We want you to be able to keep that beautiful smile for a lifetime and that’s why our Aliso Viejo family dentist team is always here.


There are a few additions to this list you might not expect to see on it and berries are one of them. These are good for your body but not so much for the enamel of your teeth. Here’s a general rule of thumb if you’re worried about your teeth — the darker the berry the worse it is for discoloration.

Here’s a few excellent ideas on how to prevent your teeth from becoming stained:

  • If you need to drink sugary beverages, try using a straw. That’s the best way for the offending liquid to bypass your teeth.
  • Drinking lots of water helps to wash away any of the food particles that could stain your teeth. A glass before and after your meal is always a good idea.
  • We also suggest that you can use whitening toothpaste. However, there’s no way around a good brushing and flossing routine.

If you’re looking for more excellent suggestions on how to keep your teeth white, come in and see out Aliso Viejo family dentist today.