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Cosmetic Dentistry Tips for Getting Ready

Our cosmetic dentistry Aliso Viejo services are well known for being painless and hassle-free. One of the things we enjoy most about being able to offer these is the fact they boost people’s confidence.

Being transparent is another one of the cornerstones of all our dental services. That’s why we put together a few tips for preparing for one of these cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Be Informed

We always like to say there are no bad questions. Consequently, we encourage each and every one of our cosmetic dentistry patients to book an appointment. That way, you’ll be able to talk to us and asked any of the questions you have about your particular procedure.

It’s even a good idea to put together a few questions before so you’ll be prepared. Don’t worry, it won’t offend us if you read them off when you’re in our offices. We are always glad to help.

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Dress Right

Make sure to wear the right clothes on the day of your procedure. Generally, it’s a good idea to dress casually so you’ll be comfortable. Light fitting shirts are better than more formal tight-fitting ones.

It’s also good to leave your jewelry at home if you can. We might need you to take it off during any one of the cosmetic dentistry Aliso Viejo procedures anyway. Here’s another helpful tip. You might decide to go under general anesthesia and if you do, your eyes will be shut for some time.

That’s why we’d also like to suggest that you leave your contact lenses at home. That brings up another point that’s important.

Get A Ride

It’s a good idea to schedule a ride before your visit to our offices. This depends on the kind of cosmetic procedure you’re getting done. If you’re going to feel a little groggy after something like a dental implant, it’s much better to have a friend or relative drive you home afterward.

Other Things to Avoid

Some of the things that we suggest you avoid before coming into see us are more about courtesy and safety. Generally, body sprays and perfumes as well as colognes can be skipped on that day.

Finally, if you’ve got long hair, we suggest you tie it back so it doesn’t get in the way. If you are suffering from flu like symptoms, we prefer that you rebook your appointment with our cosmetic dentistry Aliso Viejo doctors. We’ll be here when you feel better!