Tongue and Lip Tie Treatment Aliso Viejo

Our dental professional in Aliso Viejo provide tongue and lip tie treatments, which can improve your child’s ability to breastfeed successfully. Moreover, a timely treatment will prevent dental problems that could result from these oral problems.

What is Tongue Tie?

Tongue tie or ankyloglossia is a common problem among young children who have a malformed tissue that connects tongue to the floor of the mouth.

If this tissue is short or tight, it could restrict tongue movement, causing tongue tie and preventing regular mouth function.

Breastfeeding sessions could become a painful activity for you and your baby if he/she has tongue tie. A tongue tie treatment could improve breastfeeding and boost your child’s overall health.

What is Lip Tie?

A lip tie is similar to a tongue tie – the difference being the location of the tie. A band of tissue connecting the upper lip to the gum is either short or tight. This causes problems when the baby tries to move lips while breastfeeding.

Lip and tongue tie often occur together. A breastfeeding mother can easily identify these anomalies in her baby. A simple tongue and lip tie procedure can fix this issue and allow your child to breastfeed with ease.

Tongue and Lip Tie treatment using a soft tissue laser

tongue tieAt Dental Aesthetics and Wellness Center, our qualified and professional dental surgeons use the state-of-the-art soft tissue laser to perform tongue and lip tie treatment. This in-office procedure is simple and safe.

  • Less invasive than traditional surgery
  • No excessive bleeding
  • Safe and quick
  • General anesthetic not required
  • No post-operative risk of infection
  • No stitches and little post-operative swelling
  • High success rate

Instead of cutting the tissue with a scalpel, we use soft tissue laser to vaporize the affected area. Before your doctor performs this procedure, the area around the affected tissue is numbed using a special analgesic gel. After preparing the site, your doctor will operate using the heat of the laser. An incision can easily release the tension in the tissue and allow your baby to move his or her tongue/lip freely.

In addition to scalpel-free surgery, lip and tongue tie laser treatment are also effective when it comes to post-operative risks and healing time. The healing time incredibly short while the postoperative risk of infection is extremely low due to the ability of the laser to sterilize the area.

During a laser surgery, there is less bleeding and discomfort compared to traditional scalpel-supported surgeries. It’s because of the heat a laser beam produces. This heat energy seals the blood vessels, preventing excessive bleeding.

What can Tongue and Lip Tie treatment do for you and your baby?

When your baby is uncomfortable during breastfeeding sessions due to tongue and lip tie problem, a simple laser treatment could help. Here is how it can benefit you and your baby.

  • Improves his or her breathing
  • Reduces breast pain during nursing
  • Makes digestion easier for babies
  • Improves breastfeeding and boosts baby’s overall health
  • Minimizes risk of getting breast infections
  • Allows smoother chewing without any pain or stress on facial muscles
  • Swallowing becomes a possibility

When your baby is nursing properly, you can be sure that he/she is getting adequate amounts of milk. This will ensure proper growth and minimum digestive issues for the baby. Mothers will also feel comfortable as they won’t have sore breasts during nursing. Breastfeeding sessions are short and less frequent.

How Tongue and Lip Tie treatment improves the dental health of your baby?

Laser surgery for tongue and lip tie has numerous dental benefits for your baby. There is no reason you might want to ignore or delay this procedure. Explore the oral health-related benefits of this procedure below.

  • Reduces the risk of future dental problems
  • Clears residual milk that might have pooled under your child’s lip
  • Prevents tooth decay in early teeth
  • Improves speech impairment

Post-operative instructions for Lip and Tongue Tie laser surgery

Lip and tongue tie procedure is simple and quick. It’s performed in-office and usually takes your doctor under 20-30 minutes to complete the procedure. Numbness usually lasts for an hour.

Don’t be alarmed if your child hasn’t shown immediate improvements in breastfeeding. It may take some time for your baby to learn new feeding technique now that he/she has a freer tongue and lip.

If your baby isn’t able to correct his/her feeding technique following a lip and tongue tie surgery, you may want to see a lactation consultant to help you with nursing.

Your doctor may suggest some stretching exercises that would help your baby improve mouth’s functionality after a lip and tongue tie surgery. Carefully follow these post-operative instructions. Be sure to pay close attention to any other specific post-operative instructions that your doctor may have to suggest in your case. Call us for more information on lip and tongue tie treatments in Aliso Viejo, California.