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Why You Should Consider Aliso Viejo Dental Implants

By | Implant Dentistry

Missing a tooth? There are some great reasons why you need to consider Aliso Viejo Dental Implants.  At the top of the list is the simple fact that your ability to speak and even chew can be affected. Here’s a few other reasons why you should consider this cosmetic dentistry procedure.   They Act Like the Real Thing One of the big advantages to getting dental implants is the fact they are the closest thing to your original teeth.  Our Aliso Viejo Dental Implants are specially fitted so they restore your ability to chew all of the foods you love. After…

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Here’s a Solid Aliso Viejo Cosmetic Dentistry Overview

By | Cosmetic Dentistry

Our Aliso Viejo Cosmetic Dentistry services are always getting more popular. We’ve got a wide variety of tools that are designed to make your smile look better. Not only do we have all the best tools and techniques, our cosmetic dental team is highly skilled. We can do smaller changes or bigger ones as you see fit. We want each and every one of our patients to pick the procedure that’s best for them. That’s why we’ve put together a quick list of what we offer under the Aliso Viejo Cosmetic Dentistry banner. If you don’t see the procedure that…

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Aliso Viejo Laser Dentistry History

By | Laser Dentistry

Some patients who come into our Aliso Viejo Laser Dentistry facility think they’re about to get the benefit of a brand new technology. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the technology has been used since 1994 to treat a wide variety of dental issues. The American Dental Association has even been studying this technology as a viable choice for people who don’t want to go the more traditional route. We have a number of different treatment options at our Aliso Viejo Laser Dentistry clinic. These include: Some of the more traditional treatments. Treating tooth decay is…

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Aliso Viejo Family Dentistry for The Whole Family

By | Family Dentistry

We offer Aliso Viejo Family Dentistry for everyone in your family. We want everyone that comes in to see our dental professionals to get the best possible care and all the information they need. It’s the only way for them to make the correct decisions for every stage in their dental health. Here’s a few questions that you can ask our Aliso Viejo Family Dentistry professionals to reach that goal.   What are the latest trends in dentistry? There are always a series of new products and procedures coming out to help you with your oral health. Your dentist is…

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Our Kids Dentist Aliso Viejo Talks Sweets

By | Children's Dentistry

The holidays are here and our kids dentist Aliso Viejo team is fielding a lot of questions from concerned parents about sugar and cavities. There’s also birthdays and a number of different school activities that your children are constantly being invited to. Most of these events involve sugar laden treats that can cause cavities down the road. We’ve put together a few boxes for you to check off to make sure you avoid or at least regulate their intake of sugar.   Making Boundaries One of the first things that we like to tell parents is they should be setting…

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Great Questions to Ask Your Aliso Viejo Dental Hygienist

By | Blog, Family Dentistry

Our Aliso Viejo dental hygienist team is always welcoming and friendly. We are always available to chat about any questions you have. Our staff including our hygienists have been carefully vetted and properly trained. What’s more, they are always eager to answer any questions you might have during your next visit.   What’s the Latest? For example, our patients are always our first priority. That’s why everyone on staff stays up on all the latest and best procedures. We like to pass that information along so please don’t forget to ask us about the different treatments that can make your…

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A Few Words on Electric Toothbrushes from Your Cosmetic Dentist Aliso Viejo Pro

By | Blog, Cosmetic Dentistry, Implant Dentistry

As your cosmetic dentist Aliso Viejo professional, we want you to have all the information necessary to make the right decisions. Quite often when people get dental implants, we need to coach them on all the maintenance processes that will keep them looking great. Quite often people are surprised when they find out that they’ll need to keep up a regular oral hygiene routine. When we tell them they will need to brush and floss at least twice a day some are surprised at first. However, the bottom line is you will need tools in place to look after your…

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Aliso Viejo Periodontics for Your Dental Health

By | Blog, Periodontics

Dental Aesthetics & Wellness center supplies a variety of different dental services including Aliso Viejo periodontics. Making sure every member of your family has a wonderful smile and excellent oral health is our number one priority. We know that everyone who comes into our bright and friendly office wants to keep their beautiful smile. That’s exactly our goal with our excellent periodontics treatments. Providing these types of cleanings on a routine basis is the best way to avoid issues like gum disease. Keep in mind that having a beautiful smile means having a healthy place to anchor those wonderful teeth….

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We Offer Aliso Viejo Preventative Dental Care

By | Blog, Family Dentistry

Dental Aesthetics & Wellness center offers the best in Aliso Viejo preventative dental care. Our top priority is making sure that each and every one of our patients keeps a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime. Avoiding some dental issues before they become bigger problems is a cornerstone of our preventative dental care practice. Dr. Kathy Soleimani takes great pride in everything her team does at her bright and friendly Orange County office. We offer a series of tests to make sure the material we use is in simpatico with your overall health. In short that needs we leave no…

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emergency dentist Aliso Viejo

Some Great Tips from Your Emergency Dentist Aliso Viejo

By | Blog, Emergency Dentistry

Here’s emergency dentist Aliso Viejo tips that you can use when you’re on the road and can’t get in too see us right away. We thought it would be a good idea to give our clients some tips on what to do to manage any kind of situation until you can get our professional help.   For A Severe Toothache We always say that no toothache should be overlooked. Even if it seems like a mild one, it could be the symptom of a bigger issue that you need to look at. However, if you have a toothache that’s extremely…

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