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Aliso Viejo Laser Dentistry History

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Some patients who come into our Aliso Viejo Laser Dentistry facility think they’re about to get the benefit of a brand new technology. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the technology has been used since 1994 to treat a wide variety of dental issues. The American Dental Association has even been studying this technology as a viable choice for people who don’t want to go the more traditional route. We have a number of different treatment options at our Aliso Viejo Laser Dentistry clinic. These include: Some of the more traditional treatments. Treating tooth decay is…

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Aliso Viejo Laser Dentistry Root Canal Aftercare Tips

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Because of modern innovation like Aliso Viejo laser dentistry, most dental procedures are more efficient and less invasive. That means things like a root canal don’t need to be intimidating anymore. The latest laser techniques available have made this process efficient and comfortable. We are always on the cusp of the latest trends in modern dentistry. It helps us to make sure that each and every member of your family gets quality treatment. Here’s a few tips on some of the best practices for recovering from Aliso Viejo laser dentistry root canals. You might be hungry after the procedure, but…

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How Laser Dentistry Aliso Viejo Works

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Like the name implies, our laser dentistry Aliso Viejo services use concentrated light beams to do the work that’s needed. Everything is safe and our dental practitioners are highly trained and skilled. This technique goes all the way back to 1994 when it was first approved to be used in certain dental procedures. Since dental lasers have been in the mainstream for quite some time, this dentistry method has been used to treat a variety of different issues including: Fixing cavities. Skilled dental professionals have been able to use these lasers to remove the decayed part of the tooth. The…

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An Aliso Viejo Laser Dentistry Overview

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Understanding what Aliso Viejo laser dentistry can do for you is important to your overall dental health. This is considered a minimally invasive operation for people who need to have a variety of procedures ranging from gum surgery to simple cavity treatments. One of the first steps is getting in touch with one of our qualified dentists and having a discussion. They will be able to walk you through the highlights of this procedure and answer any of your questions. Small Amounts They’ll be able to tell you all about how we use lasers to cut small amounts of tissue….

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Aliso Viejo Laser Sleep Apnea

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Aliso Viejo Laser Sleep Apnea is available to those 67% of Americans that may have sleep apnea. Dentists are the professionals who can diagnose this issue. This type of airway management procedure helps people improve their sleep. When that gets better, their overall health improves. NightLaseTM is the process that has had the most success. In fact, there’s a documented 75% success rate. This is a laser treatment that has the advantages of being non-invasive and safe. Perhaps best of all, it’s fast! It only takes 20 minutes from start to finish. Another bonus is the fact that there’s no…

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