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December 2018

Our Kids Dentist Aliso Viejo Talks Sweets

By | Children's Dentistry

The holidays are here and our kids dentist Aliso Viejo team is fielding a lot of questions from concerned parents about sugar and cavities. There’s also birthdays and a number of different school activities that your children are constantly being invited to. Most of these events involve sugar laden treats that can cause cavities down the road. We’ve put together a few boxes for you to check off to make sure you avoid or at least regulate their intake of sugar.   Making Boundaries One of the first things that we like to tell parents is they should be setting…

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Look for These Symptoms and Then Get Aliso Viejo Sleep Apnea Treatment

By | Sleep Apnea

There are many people who come to see us for Aliso Viejo sleep apnea treatment because after all it is a very common disorder. We always like to tell our patients that sleep apnea can be dangerous if not treated properly. There are two different types — central sleep apnea and obstructive sleep apnea. Quite often the symptoms are the same for either one so learning them is important if you think you might suffer from this problem. Over the years that we have been offering Aliso Viejo sleep apnea treatment, we’ve noticed there are some common symptoms that we…

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Aliso Viejo Laser Dentistry Root Canal Aftercare Tips

By | Blog, Endodontics, Laser Dentistry

Because of modern innovation like Aliso Viejo laser dentistry, most dental procedures are more efficient and less invasive. That means things like a root canal don’t need to be intimidating anymore. The latest laser techniques available have made this process efficient and comfortable. We are always on the cusp of the latest trends in modern dentistry. It helps us to make sure that each and every member of your family gets quality treatment. Here’s a few tips on some of the best practices for recovering from Aliso Viejo laser dentistry root canals. You might be hungry after the procedure, but…

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Habits to Avoid from Your Cosmetic Laser Dentist Aliso Viejo

By | Blog, Cosmetic Dentistry

Our cosmetic laser dentist Aliso Viejo team is interested in making sure that you get a wonderful smile. Regardless of the procedure that you choose, you’ll get a boost in confidence and compliments from friends and relatives alike. Still, we want you to keep in mind that some of the bad habits that can ruin your natural teeth are also bad for our cosmetic dentistry work. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the habits that you should avoid. It’s all part of the complete service that our cosmetic laser dentist Aliso Viejo outfit offers.   Biting Nails/Chewing Pens…

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