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November 2018

Great Questions to Ask Your Aliso Viejo Dental Hygienist

By | Blog, Family Dentistry

Our Aliso Viejo dental hygienist team is always welcoming and friendly. We are always available to chat about any questions you have. Our staff including our hygienists have been carefully vetted and properly trained. What’s more, they are always eager to answer any questions you might have during your next visit.   What’s the Latest? For example, our patients are always our first priority. That’s why everyone on staff stays up on all the latest and best procedures. We like to pass that information along so please don’t forget to ask us about the different treatments that can make your…

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A Few Words on Electric Toothbrushes from Your Cosmetic Dentist Aliso Viejo Pro

By | Blog, Cosmetic Dentistry, Implant Dentistry

As your cosmetic dentist Aliso Viejo professional, we want you to have all the information necessary to make the right decisions. Quite often when people get dental implants, we need to coach them on all the maintenance processes that will keep them looking great. Quite often people are surprised when they find out that they’ll need to keep up a regular oral hygiene routine. When we tell them they will need to brush and floss at least twice a day some are surprised at first. However, the bottom line is you will need tools in place to look after your…

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Some Proactive Tips from Our Emergency Dentistry Aliso Viejo Specialists

By | Blog, Emergency Dentistry

Of course, our emergency dentistry Aliso Viejo team sees a lot of chipped and fractured teeth. We even see quite a few that have been knocked out completely. We like to help the folks who have suffered these injuries get their smiles back. However, we also like to be proactive and help them with some other dental tips that can head off trouble. For example, if you play sports you’ll need to have the protective dental equipment necessary. Mouth guards are just as important as the right shoes and gloves whether you’re on the baseball diamond or soccer pitch. We…

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