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August 2018

What to Do After Gum Surgery Aliso Viejo

By | Blog, Periodontics

Our gum surgery Aliso Viejo experts are professionals. They will be with you every step of the way from our consultation at the very beginning of the process through the surgical procedure itself. They even offer some helpful post-treatment tips which we’ve included here. It’s important to us that every patient understands any procedure we undertake in detail before we start. We want everything to go smoothly and every dental surgery we perform to be a success. That said, here’s a list of what to do after gum surgery Aliso Viejo.   Pain? After the operation is over and the…

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How Laser Dentistry Aliso Viejo Works

By | Blog, Cosmetic Dentistry, Laser Dentistry

Like the name implies, our laser dentistry Aliso Viejo services use concentrated light beams to do the work that’s needed. Everything is safe and our dental practitioners are highly trained and skilled. This technique goes all the way back to 1994 when it was first approved to be used in certain dental procedures. Since dental lasers have been in the mainstream for quite some time, this dentistry method has been used to treat a variety of different issues including: Fixing cavities. Skilled dental professionals have been able to use these lasers to remove the decayed part of the tooth. The…

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What You Need to Know About Dental Aesthetics Aliso Viejo and Smoking

By | Blog, Cosmetic Dentistry

Any discussion of dental aesthetics Aliso Viejo should start with a cautionary tale about the ill effects of smoking. Dentists have long known about the consequences of using tobacco. Here’s just a few things that should help to prevent you from smoking or motivate you to quit if you smoke now. Everyone is well aware of the health risks related to smoking. However, not everyone understands how it affects your oral health as well as other parts of your body like the lungs. Here’s a list of just some of the effects of smoking starting with the least severe and…

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Gum Disease Treatment Aliso Viejo Identifies the Symptoms

By | Blog, Family Dentistry

One of the first things we like to tell our gum disease treatment Aliso Viejo patients is they’re not alone. In fact, recent research tells us that 50% of Americans over the age of 30 have some form of gum infection. While this statistic doesn’t mean everyone has the more severe form known as periodontitis, it is a clear indication you need to learn something about this particular issue. Remember, gum disorders can rob you of your teeth prematurely if left untreated. One of the most important things you can do is recognize the signs. Keep in mind, gingivitis at…

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